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. live in san francisco international airport, kpix 5. >> he's the first tsa agent ever killed in the line of duty. the gunman paul ciancia lives in la but he's from new jersey, investigators found a note in his bag containing rants against the tsa. >> those letters nwo and they stand for "new world order". well, it turns out they are intensely focused and obsessed with the tsa. >> getting screened by airport security is yunsly disliked universally disliked. new world order. >> quite a few of them are really control freaks folks who would be getting $10 an hour at seven-eleven. >> accusing tsa agents groping people and including family members of those involve inside the asiana crash at sfo in the past summer. >> steve wag steps on the program vow to prosecute tsa agents if they go too far. >> whether doing with what we call a lewd or sexual intent, we'll prosecute them the same as any other citizens. >> check out this video from the youtube channel called "stop the new world order", it is part of the campaign to tsa agents and recording them. >> sir, i am on public property. >
shooting...s investigators try to figure why the suspect had a beef the t-s-a. c-b-s reporter ta garcia spoke with witnesses say... as bad as things wer they could have been much worse. scott greene was right ther. and ran for is life when a shooter opened fire friday los angeles international airport sot: scott greene/passenger (:08- :12)e had his gunned trained downe this and he took two shots. police say it was 23 year o paul ciancia who killed one agent and investigators fo >>> we learned more about the l.a.x. shooting. >> reporter: scoot green was right there when a shooter opened fire friday at los angeles international airport. >> he had the gun down like this and took two shots. >> reporter: 23-year-old paul ciancia who wounded two people and killed a tsa agent. police found a note in his bag saying he wanted to kill multiple tsa agents. but they have not found any incidents where he had trouble with tsa. >> he was a calm passenger. >> reporter: he saw him walk in with an assault rifle. he tuesday could have been worse. >> 100 people under benches around him hiding and so if
the shooting and we're learning details how tsa agents respond. cbs reporter with more information from the fbi. today federal prosecutors say they filed charges against l.a.x. shooting suspect paul ciancia. investigators say he was dropped off at the airport before he walked up to the security checkpoint. >> the defendant is alleged to have pulled a smith & wesson .223 caliber assault rifle out of his bag and fired multiple rounds at point blank range at the tsa officer, who was standing on duty and in uniform, severely wounding tsa officer hender the defendant is then alleged to have begun walking away from the wounded tsa officer and going up an escalator and then coming back down that escalator to return and shoot the wounded officer again. >> investigators say they found a signed hand-written note at the scene in which ciancia said i wanted to target officers. he has both uniform and undercover officers spread out throughout the airport and his department will maintain the enhanced deployment for as long as needed. >> to tell you how much we have and how much it's going to occur, i thin
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)